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All of my painting are available as limited edition prints. There are just 150 of each image and they are numbered, titled and signed for authenticity.

The prints are produced using Hahnemuhle 310gsm, acid free, natural white textured paper and the finest quality inks.

After purchasing a print it will be sent in a postal tube via Royal Mail.  You can generally expect your print to arrive within 15 working days.

Delivery is free within the UK. I send work all around the world, so if you are living further away then there's no problem but a little extra charge is sometimes needed to cover postage.


When it arrives, it is yours to frame, hang and enjoy forever... and there will only be another 149 in the whole world!



 "Falling Upward"

5" by 12.5": £85

 "Hearing the Light."

9" by 7": £65

15" by 11": £145

 "Peace is Your Name"

15" by 11": £145

9" by 7": £65

 "Burning Scales and Rusted Tales."

5" by 20": £110

7.5" by 30": £200

8" by 20": £145

A magical image of overhanging Tudor houses, a church peeping through the distant mist and the glow of street lamps and shop windows.

5" by 12.5": £85

Here is another painting that features Abergavenny. The Town Hall, St. Mary's Church and the old Henry VIII school can clearly be seen in the foreground, before the partially lit moon and cotton-string clouds.

But this painting is really about the vastness of space and just how significant we really are... or not, as the case may be. This one is called, "Before a Thousand Suns."


From a vantage point that overlooks a vast sea of terraced houses and chimneys we take the winding steps down to the very edge of this urban labyrinth. Follow the houses, chapels, pubs and shops to the very tip of the top of the town, where only the crows can reach closer to the heavens. This painting is called "Babel."

This is an atmospheric and magical little place where the old Tudor houses, and the twisting cobbled streets below them listen carefully  for every whisper that glides through the misty streets.


"The Stones are Listening, but will not Tell"

5" by 20": £110

7.5" by 30": £200

5" by 20": £110

7.5" by 30": £200

 9" by 11": £100

13" by 16": £150

 16" by 20": £225

An aerial painting of Cardiff; from Cardiff bay, through the town and over the Principality Stadium before reaching the beautiful Castell Coch.

This painting is called "Ultreya." It is a Spanish word of encouragement to pilgrims, meaning 'onward'.



This painting is called "The Lights on our Shore." The title was donated by a lady who works with refugees. Despite the menacing storm clouds, I like to think of this painting as a story of hope.



 24" by 31": £450

 9" by 9": £65

 6" by 6": £45

9" by 10.5": £100

13" by 15" : £145

A peaceful Winter woodland scene where little can be heard but the gently drifting snowflakes as they brush the frozen grass.

I always enjoy painting images that have a hint of 'fairy tale,' especially when you aren't quite sure if it is a scene of serenity or something  a little sinister. This is called " A Peaceful Way." I'll let you decide.

5" by 20": £110

7.5" by 30": £200

And now for something a little different.


This painting is called, 'The Great Bear'. This cosy little town has lots of hidden things to look for, and lots of little stories unfolding. It reminds me of the many nights of stargazing that I enjoyed as a child and how much I miss my dad.



6" by 12": £95

12.5" by 25":£195

I often paint the moon in my pictures. In this painting our nearest neighbour looks down upon the houses below. Engulfed by both cloud and smoke it almost resembles an eye against the deep blue night sky.

I have called this painting  'Watching Over the Sleeping Streets'.

This is 'Behind the Clouds.' I imagine this to be a scene  that is totally hidden away from the rest of the world. Hidden by thick grey clouds and factory smoke.

If there was such a thing it would be a 'cloud-globe'; like a snow-globe but hidden in cloud that clears as you shake it.

Small: 5" by 12.5": £85

Large: 8" by 20": £145

Small: 5" by 12.5": £85

Large: 8" by 20": £145

'Flowing Paths, To Heaven Glance'. This painting is all about reflections. I imagine walking along the street, as the puddles below me stare far beyond  to the heavens above. It works really well as a set with the previous two paintings.... I think of them as a triptych.

Small: 5" by 12.5": £85

Large: 8" by 20": £145

6" by 12": £95

12.5" by 25": £195

'Once Stirring Waves Serene as they Hush the Moon Ashore.'


This has been a very popular print. It is a very peaceful image of the moon; its light gently skimming over the sleepy, murmuring waves.

Never judge a book by its cover is the message in this painting 'The Cat, the Rooster and the Young Mouse.'


It is a little 'fantasy' or 'fairy-tale' in style. .. befitting of the very grand Castell Coch. The foreground is full of references to Aesop's fables. Many of these characters adorn the beautiful drawing room in the castle itself.


There is a sinister side to this painting too, however, just like in the fable. Look out for the many poisonous mushrooms and plants as you wind your way through the misty forest.

6" by 12": £95

12.5" by 25": £195

This is 'Down Pelts the Naked Weather.' I think it is one of my warmest paintings.


Look carefully at the bellowing smoke as it drifts into the night air. There is more to this painting than meets the eye.

Small: 7" by 9": £65

Large: 11" by 15": £145

This misty, winter woodland is an atmospheric painting that is very fairy tale in nature.


I imagine the crisp leaves and the light covering of snow crunching underfoot.


The warm cottage, nestled among the trees is as inviting as it is ominous.


The painting is called' The Snow-Felted Darkness Around the House that was Occupied by Nobody we Knew.'

Small: 7" by 9": £65

Large: 9" by 13": £120

 " These Living Hills Resounding." This painting shows the mountains of Abergavenny and how they dominate the landscape! A beautiful place to live:-)

Small: 7.5" by 20": £145

'Each Step, a Binding Word'

Small: 9" by 13": £120

Large: 13" by 20": £200

5" by 20": £110

7.5" by 30": £200

Meet 'Archibald Caradoc Davies,' who is the proud and handsome dog marching along this street. He is showing off his favourite stick to all the neighbours.

This painting was shortlisted for the Welsh Artist of the Year competition in 2012. It is called 'The Rusted Iron Shards of Choking Air.'


There are lots of little stories in this painting and many different personalities too.

Here is a painting of my home town, Ebbw Vale (with a little artistic license). It is largely inspired by a ridiculously long paper round when I was a lad. There is so much to see in this painting. If you are local to the town or if you have moved a little further afield, then this will surely keep you entertained for eons. It is called ' The Last Sunny Sunday of Autumn.'

9" by 13": £125

Small: 9 by 12.5": £95

Large: 14" by 20": £195

And now for something a little different.


This dreamy picture is' A Silent Silver Moon Dancing to a Timeless Lullaby.'


You need to look deep into the woodland above the cliff to see a small, cosy, lamplit cottage, painted in my usual style. I find it hard to look at this picture without hearing the gentle waves.

Small: 6" by 12": £95

Large: 12.5" by 25":£195

This is 'For as Long as Forever Is,' It is one of my earliest paintings in this style, and still one of my favourites.


The title reflects the endless, almost regimentally stacked, terraced houses that stretch from one side of the Welsh Valleys to the other.


There are few people in this painting but it still feels full of life.

Small: 8 x 20": £130

Large: 30x12" : £225

'LLareggub - Quite Early one Morning'

Small: 5" by 12.5": £85

Large: 8" by 20": £145

'Seeing Angels in the Architecture'

Small: 6" by 9": £65

Small: 9" by 9": £65

Large: 11.5" by 15":£145

Have you ever noticed how a snowy day makes the whole town stop and hush for a while? Just the whisper of wind and the kiss of each frozen flake as it drifts to rest...

That is 'A Silent Colour'.

'Skirrid - the Holy Mountain'

 6" by 12": £95

12.5" by 25":£195

'Should Lanterns Shine'

'When I woke, the Town Spoke'

'Whenever Whispers Drift Through the Softly Unfolding Sky'

9" by 13": £120

13" by 20": £200

9" by 6": £65

9" by 6": £65

15" by 11":£145

15"by 11":£145

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